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New Challenges in Military Logistics in the 21st Century

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Schedule for Speakers

09.05-09.20    Brig.Gen Árpád Dr. Pohl (UPS) - New challenges in the field of logistic officer training

09.25-09.40    Brig. Gen Stefan Lampl (AFLS) - Challenges of AFLS during COVID-19 Crisis (Risks and Opportunities)

09.45-10.00    Col Francesco Cardone (MLCC) - Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC). A Centre of expertise for the development, coordination and provision of efficient and effective multinational logistics solutions

10.05-10.20    Lt Col József Dr. Venekei & Col Andrea Dr. Pap (UPS) - Risk Assesment and Treatment in Business Management and Military Decision Making and Planning Process

10.25-10.40    Lt Col Martin NOVOTNÝ (DU in Brno) - New ways of military logistics in Czech Army

10.45-11.00    Lt Col György Gulyás (UPS) - New multinational approaches to support to operations in the light of the NATO Summit in Wales and Warsaw

11.15-11.30    Lt Col József Pályi (UPS) - Aspects of the Contractor Support to Operation in the Operations Planning Process

11.35-11.50    Maj Gyula Szajkó (UPS) - The role of Operational Liasion and Reconnaissance Teams in providing information

11.55-12.10    Cpt Jiří MALÍŠEK (DU in Brno) - Freeze-dried combat rations

12.15-12.30    Bence Dr.Tóth (UPS) - Quantitive analysis of the possible sites of a new Danube bridge to bypass Budapest by rail

12.35-12.50    Krisztina Budavári (UPS PhD Student) - 21st Century Risks in Defense Industrial Supply Chains

12.55-13.10    Ákos Horváth (UPS PhD Student) - Project digital soldier - how digitalized personal equipment change supporting military logistics

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