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Christianity and Politics 2023 Conference

1. emelet-100. Széchenyi Díszterem/Ludovika Főépület (Ludovika Főépület)

1. emelet-100. Széchenyi Díszterem/Ludovika Főépület

Ludovika Főépület

1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2.
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Christianity and Politics 2023

2-3 October 2023

University of Public Service, 2 Ludovika square, 
Main Building, Széchenyi Hall




October 2, 2023


9:00 Opening 


9:30 Plenary session

R. R. Reno (First Things): "Christian politics in a secular age"

10:30 Coffee break


11:00 Panel I

Ferenc Hörcher (University of Public Service, Budapest): “Spaemann’s concept of the person and its political philosophical implications”

Steven Hayward (University of California, Berkeley): “Rethinking the liberal solution to sectarian politics”

Linda L. Denno (University of Arizona): “Christianity, equality, and constitutional government”

12:30 Lunch


14:00 Plenary session

William T. Cavanaugh (DePaul University, Chicago): “Idolatry and the future of Christianity in a secularized world”

15:00 Coffee break


15:30 Panel II

Kálmán Tóth (University of Public Service, Budapest): “Christianity as a political utopia in Lajos Kossuth’s The Future of Nations”

Hans-Otto Seitschek (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München): “Is political transcendence possible? Jacob L. Talmon’s concept of ‘political messianism’”

Tamás Nyirkos (University of Public Service, Budapest): “Secular, quasi, remixed, lifestyle, etc.: a few notes on the terminology of ‘new’ religions”



October 3, 2023


9:00 Plenary session

Carolina Armenteros (Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra): “The Enlightenment Origins of Modern Christian Religiosity"

10:00 Coffee break


10:30 Panel III

Ádám Smrcz (University of Public Service, Budapest): "Taming the reason of state – early anti-Machiavellian discourse, and the (lack of the) dividing line between confessions"

Róbert Papp (MCC, Budapest): “Defying the Prince – the American Declaration of Independence in light of the Fourth Commandment”

Ádám Darabos (University of Public Service, Budapest): “Niebuhr for Hungarian conservatives?”

12:00 Lunch


13:00 Panel IV

András Máté-Tóth (University of Szeged): “Socio-theological inspirations from Central and Eastern Europe"

Mihal Gierycz (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw): “About the liberal and conservative ‘temptations’ of the Catholic Church”

András Jancsó (University of Public Service, Budapest): “A kind of altar to political theology"

14:30 Closing remarks







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