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The use of artificial intelligence in law

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The use of artificial intelligence in law

Roundtable discussion


What is artificial intelligence? Does it impact you and your work?

Have you heard a lot about artificial intelligence-based legal software, but never talked to someone who has actually used it?

You also think there are big risks of using artificial intelligence in law, but you do not know exactly what they are?

Join our roundtable discussion, where three reputable professionals from the US and UK talk about the legal uses of artificial intelligence, its risks, and its impact on the legal profession.



Andrew Dolan, Director AI Forum Hungary/ The Centre for the Study of New Security Challenges (Edinburgh, UK)

Hon. Richard G. Stearns, United States District Judge, District of Massachusetts (USA)

Richard Hoskins Retd Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)

Moderator: Zsolt Ződi, senior research fellow, University of Public Service (Hungary)

The event is organized by the Research Institute of the Information Society, University of Public Service and The Centre for the Study of New Security Challenges (CSNSC), Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Location, time: Online, (Teams), Thursday 31 March 2022, from 14:30 to 16:30 CET

The event can be attended after online registration. The link will be sent to the registered before the event via email.


Organized by

Ződi Zsolt