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Post-Pandemic Politics: Perspectives and Possibilities

Online conference - MS Teams



                                                Post-Pandemic Politics: Perspectives and Possibilites
(online conference, 30th June 2021)                                                 

The conference is convened by the Editors of Public Governance, Administration and Finances Law Review and the Eötvös József Research Centre of the University of Public Service and it endeavours to elaborate on some probable scenarios that may characterise and dominate the post-pandemic global and regional politics and public policies. The conference is meant to serve as a follow-up on our autumnal conference: Pandemic and Governance - Towards an Approximation of Covid-19’s Legal, Administrative, Fiscal and Political Dilemmas

The conference is hosted via Microsoft Teams. 


time (GMT+0)
12:00-12:15   Opening remarks: András Koltay, rector (University of Public Service)

12:10-13:00   Keynote lecture
                        Raphael Cohen-Almagor (University of Hull): Israel Facing COVID-19: Challenges, Problems and Successes

13:00-13:25   Ákos B. Gát (University of Public Service): The Covid-19 test of the European Union's policy on the rule of law 

13:25-13:50   Jagmeet Singh Bawa & Gurphej Singh (Central University of Himachal Pradesh): Pandemic and Challenges for                          Democracy: A Study

13:50-14:00   coffee break

14:00-14:25   Mia Bloom (Georgia State University): Violent Extremists’ Exploitation of  COVID-19 Challenges to Governance                          and Stability

14:25-14:50   Mina Hosseini (University of Science and Culture, Tehran): A COVID- Competition Dilemma: legal and ethical                              challenges regarding the COVID- 19 vaccine policies, during and after the crisis

14:50-15:15   István Hoffman (Centre of Social Sciences, HAS) & István Balázs (University of Debrecen): Administrative law                          in the time of corona(virus) - resilience and trust-building

15:15-15:40   Viktória Pató (University of Public Service): Europe’s post covid digital future: the theory of a cloud federation

15:40-16:00   coffee break

16:00-16:25   Valentin V. Balanovskiy (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University): From moral politics to legal civil society:                                Relevance of Leon Petrazhitsky and Boris Vysheslavtsev heritage through the COVID-prism

16:25-16:50   Oana Şerban (University of Bucharest): The Biopolitical Turn of the Post- COVID world: Leftist and Neoliberal                            Insights of Puzzling Biopolitics

16:50-17:15   Agostino Cera (University of Basilicata): The Pandemic Capital


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