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What AI system knows about open-source information gathering in cyberspace - Michal Jasinski nyilvános előadása – Public lecture

1.emelet, O-119 (Oktatási Központ)

1.emelet, O-119

Oktatási Központ


Az Információs Társadalom Kutatóintézet szervezésében Michal Jasinski tart nyilvános előadást.

A nyilvános előadás címe: 

What AI system knows about open-source information gathering in cyberspace


Michal Jasinski is an assistant professor at Wroclaw University of Science and
Technology and research and development manager at Battery Energy Back where he implements research projects as R+D manager. His research focuses on the role of machine learning and open-source information gathering with a specific focus on the following subjects: 

  • Open-source information gathering in cyberspace
  • The application of R language for any type of research as a
    the perfect tool to perform mathematical and statistical analysis for quantitative data
  • The future of Multi-Energy Systems especially the role of renewable energy sources (including water, solar and wind generation), hydrogen as well as a governmental policy


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